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Viewer 3D API

Visualize large BIM models in any WebGL compatible browser. No plugins or installation required.

  • API Documentation 3D Model

    View multiple models

    Configure the viewer to load multiple models and turn these on and off individually.

  • API Documentation 3D Model

    Create clipping planes

    Create up to six simultaneous clipping planes in the model. You can also do quick sectioning on any side of an object.

  • API Documentation 3D Model

    Correct visualizations

    See colors and translucency exactly as it was added from the individual authoring tools.

  • API Documentation 3D Model

    Customize appearance

    Control object visibility or make objects translucent. Customize appearance by giving objects a different color.

  • API Documentation 3D Model

    Integrate 3D map data

    You can stream map data from external sources. Currently we support data from the Norwegian mapping authorities but the list can be extended on request.

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