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Rest API

Our Rest API gives you access to the information in your BIM files as well as members, teams and linked data.

  • Projects

    Projects, organizations, teams and users

    Bimsync has a flexible model for handling projects, organizations, teams and users. Users can belong to multiple projects, teams and organizations and be managed through the API.

  • Models

    Models and revisions

    Create, update and delete models. A model is a repository to track versions of BIM files. Bimsync gives you access to the complete revision history for any given model.

  • Ifc

    IFC data for objects and types

    Get access to the I in your BIM. All information about the individual BIM objects, corresponding types and property values and units is available. Use queries to get the info you need, presented in a harmonized format.

  • Model

    Model structures

    Retrieve any of the existing structure in your BIM models. Structures are available using the composition relationship, component types, layers and groups (generic grouping and zones).

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