Group Angevin: A paper free metro line construction

Rennes Metropole is currently building a metro line with 15 stations over a 13.8 km distance. This is their second automatic metro line project.

Groupe Angevin realised 3 stations including the aerial “Atalante” station. It is a compact station that is 16 meters high, 46 meters long and 25 meters wide, and is designed as a glass box on poles. The structure of the station is based on a concrete frame, with the roof put on top of a metal frame. Access stairs for the platforms are underneath the station.

Because they use Bimsync, all their meetings are now paper free, by using a tablet and a video projector, with real time saving on understanding combined with risks of errors reduced to a minimum.

Bimsync is very easy to use even for people not familiar with new technologies. The possibility to link several models and to show them one by one is extremely useful to improve the collaboration between all project participants.

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