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The importance of the shareable URL

URLs are a key concept for the world-wide web. Still many modern web-apps seems to have forgotten the idea behind a sharable URL. Too often web-apps uses URLs that are unique to the logged in user like http://webapp/project/2/ . When you try to share that URL with someone else they are likely to end up in a completely different project than the one intended. Other apps simply doesn’t change the URL no matter how far you are dive into the app. A refresh of the page will always bring you back to where you started.

We believe in URLs as a key concept for a good web-app. We are therefore giving every page or view in bimsync its own unique URL. We do this for a whole range of reasons but most importantly because it enables you as a user to bookmark, email or share a URL with anyone knowing that they when opening the URL will see the same information or view as you were looking at when sharing.

URLs enable asynchronous and distributed workflows and allows you to allow teams to capture day-to-day information. They allow you to and share that information across working styles, time zones, and location in near real time. URLs lets you link related information and make a connected web of knowledge.

Nearly every page or view in Bimsync has a unique URL that if bookmarked will bring you back to the same view as you left. Our goal is to eventually have URLs for everything down to a single object or library item where the given page gives you all the information you need to know about that given object.

For a more in-depth explanation of the importance of URLs visit the blog of Ben Balter of github.


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