The Bimsync Design System

We work to constantly improve the Bimsync product to make the experience and satisfaction of our customers better. bimsync has become increasingly complex. We constantly add new functionalities or modify existing ones. About a year ago we started reviewing all of the existing screens to look for ways to harmonize features and find common components that were used many places in the platform. We soon realized that there was room for improvement, and that there was a need for a common Design Language that would improve the usability of the product and increase development speed for new features.

The result of the work is the beginning of a Design System that will contain a comprehensive library of interface components. The library includes documentation, visual assets, typography, proper spacing, layout, colors and code snippets; all to facilitate our developers in making Bimsync.

The Bimsync Design System will:

  • Help the development teams adhere to the same methodologies and patterns. It is really hard to keep the design consistent throughout the whole application, especially when the developer team is growing. This is why it is crucial for us to have a document with all rules, constraints and principles implemented in both design and code.
  • Make our products visually consistent. Having all components and, patterns standardized makes it easier to create a unified look and feel. The user gets a better experience, and the team can be more focused on our users´ needs instead of spending time recreating different interface components.
  • Help us to clarify what are the most important and most commonly used elements and components of the product.
  • Make our work process more efficient so that new features will ship faster.

In short, the new design system will create a better experience for all bimsync users providing them with a well organized and improved product.

What does this mean for you as a user:

The changes that have been in the works are now being implemented. The first three modifications in the interface will be visible to all users in the days and weeks to come. First we will change icons, the font and a add a few colors, but not move any elements.

  • Icons: becomes more readable and visually appealing. We also changed the grid for a single icon from 14px to 16px.
  • Font face: We've used Open Sans so far, but we have been looking for an even better font. Our goal was to find a font that would handle BIM content better and be readable on different operating systems or different devices. The new font of our choice is Atlas Grotesk.
  • Color scheme: We wanted to refresh our product make it easier on the eye and more visually appealing. We have expanded the color palette with more colors and shades of each color. The contrast has improved and the whole application is now more legible.

We hope you will like the new look of Bimsync, but please note that what you will see in the days to come is just a beginning.

We prefer to introduce and improve things gradually so you can give us feedback. We also believe that visual changes that come in big chunks are more likely to confuse than small changes introduced over time. We do not just want to change visual aspects of the Bimsync platform.

If you have any feedback on the new design. Please let us know. Send an email to


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