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Task Management in Bimsync

Bimsync has a powerful Issue management system. It is in fact so great that you can use it for more than project issues, more specifically for Task management.

You can assign issues (or Tasks) to a project member with a description and a due date. There is no need to link this to a model, although you can if you want to.

Once many tasks are in place, and when you know that all these tasks are related and connected (same purpose, in a sequence, same topic etc.), a task management system can be implemented as follows:

In the management task description, you can call the subtasks by using #

A list of all the task will appear. Then you can make your selection.

After you are done, you will find a progress bar that shows you how things are going.

Every time a task is marked as Completed, the progress bar will be updated up until you reach completion.

From a management point of view, there is no need to dive into tasks details. You can follow up from a higher level using this technique, and evaluate the tasks progress.

Bon appétit!

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