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Quantity Take-Off for Bimsync

The self declared Bimsync Fanboy, the one and only Simon Moreau, has been working his magic again. This time, he has arranged so Bimsync Manager allows any Bimsync user to visualize quantities from their models, based on IFC classes and property sets.

Open source is a wonderful thing, enabling clever enthusiasts like Simon to play around with the Bimsync API and create useful and exciting features for all users across the world.

Once the data is organized, elements are shown in the viewer with a color assigned to the property values. You can visualize your quantity take off in a very convenient way. And for further analysis or calculation, you can download your data as a CSV file.

Here are some examples of the possibilities within this new great tool.

Above you see different floor types, and the count of elements per type. A single color is automatically assigned to a Type value.

In the example above, Columns are ordered per Floors, and calculations are set accordingly for count, surface, volume, with a color code for better visual analysis. Also, you can very easily count all the elements.

What is cool is that this tool can handle a large amount of elements, such as Curtain Walls mullions in this example shown above. (approx 5K)

This image seen above is the regular QTO view in Bimsync. Here we see Walls of Type 40 (thickness). Volume sum is 484.63 m3.

You select elements, and get a table with the corresponding values. All properties are in the same table view, and it can be downloaded to an Excel file.

As a limitation, you cannot select more than 1000 objects, and you don’t get the actual count of the elements.

This last image shows the QTO view in Bimsync manager. Now you can filter the same type, Walls 40, and calculate from whatever properties you want. The volume result is similar to the previous image. Notice that the walls are colored in the Bimsync viewer for a better comprehension.

Disclaimer: This is still an early Beta version (hence it is not perfect.)

///Julien Benoit, Catenda///

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