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New feature release for Documents in Bimsync

We are releasing a major upgrade to Documents and Libraries. The feature is live as of 5 February 2019.

The update introduces multi-select and a new side panel. The sidebar will find it's way into most areas of Bimsync Arena in the time to come:

Illustration: Catenda
  • ( 1 ) Multi-select lets you perform actions on multiple items (documents, folders and other library items) in one go.
  • ( 2 ) The new design lifts up the most important information in a table like view.
  • ( 3 ) The new sidebar will appear when one ore more items are selected. It can be minimized to a narrow sidebar or closed by clicking the X ( 4 )
  • ( 5 ) Gives you quick access to the most used actions, while other actions are available from the (...) menu.
  • ( 6 ) Shows the properties for the currently selected items/documents, or the summary of common properties for all of the selected items.

With this update we have also given all of different library views a face-lift to get closer to the vision noted in the Bimsync Design system

Specific improvements for Documents

Moving a document was previously a rather time consuming exercise. Similarly, if you had to batch-delete documents, you had to do it for each document. In short anything you wanted to do with documents was limited to one specific document.

You can now do the following on any number of documents:

  • Download
  • Move
  • Delete/Restore
  • Link/Unlink
  • Set access control
  • See common information for the selected documents.

Additional features when only one document is selected:

  • Upload a new revision
  • Rename document

Future plans
Alongside the new design we have also improved the back-end and front-end, clearing the way for future enhancements to Libraries. These features are up next:

  • Labels on documents
  • Status on documents

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