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Making 2020 open for your data

Another eventful Catenda year has passed, and 2020 looks to be even more exciting. For 2019 we secured funding from Spring Capital Polaris, our first external financial partner. We are very proud to be part of the fantastic Spring Team, and more importantly than the financial funding, they have already contributed with their unique know-how to add tremendous value to Catenda.

By: Håvard Bell, CEO of Catenda

Our international focus also shifted: Going from 50% of our revenue from outside of Norway to now having 75% of our revenue coming from the world outside our headquarter country. Although Bimsync originally was made for the construction industry and our core customer base is building buildings, 2019 became the year that we moved into infrastructure. Metro stations, train lines, railway tunnels, and roads. That is very exciting for us, and ensures that the Bimsync platform will continue to serve a global industry even better.

Expanding the Bimsync ecosystem

This past year we have substantially expanded the Bimsync ecosystem. New integration partners within VR, high-precision 3D scanning and on-site collaboration makes us get closer to becoming a platform for the complete life cycle of a building.

There are two major global trends that we have been focusing on and will continue to push for in the upcoming year: Open International Standards and Sustainability.

Sustainability is key

Sustainability and circularity are long term efforts, and are rooted deep in our DNA, but this will be a lot more visible in our product and our offerings this year than previously. We want to make Bimsync into a platform for the entire life cycle of a built asset, creating financial, social and environmental benefits. It is important for us to be in a position where we are able to contribute to the overall sustainability of our industry, future generations and our planet.

Open International Standards was a strategy that really opened up the Internet and created enormous benefits and wealth for our world. We see the same potential for the built environment and will continue to work for this open core to unleash the innovation and benefits we see coming in construction as well. For example, owners should get a complete set of real data, a digital twin, of their building, not just a bunch of PDFs. This dataset should be compatible with any software out there, just like you can read emails on any device with a variety of email systems.

Investing in Open International Standards

As far as we can tell, there is no other software company in our industry that is spending more of its own time and effort, per employee, to contribute to the development of open international standards for the built environment, than what Catenda does. Several senior members of Catenda are spending a significant part of their time in international committees developing standards, and a significant portion of their time implementing support for some standards, just to show the market the benefits. We also have one full-time employee, who’s job is to focus his entire time on open international standards work. These efforts are at the core of our company drive. This is something I am personally proud of, and believe will benefit the industry as a whole.

Catenda secures that your data is yours

So, unlike any other software vendor out there, buying Catenda’s Bimsync collaboration platform will also secure Catenda’s continued contributions to the development of open international standards. This will in turn improve interoperability between software solutions, allowing you to decide how to use your data and where to keep your data. Software vendors should not decide this for you and lock you in, they should provide you with solutions to your challenges. You should be able to secure access to your data for all time and allowing you the freedom to switch vendors whenever you want.

We want your business because we deliver the best products for you, not because we happen to lock your data in. The data is yours, and our commitment to open international standards development secures this promise also in the future.

All the best in 2020 for your business, we will work hard to continue to grow the usage of Bimsync, based on a neutral and open playing field, to the benefit of our users.

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