Looking back at 2018: Catenda is moving the industry

FC Barcelona´s slogan is “Mes que un club.” More than a club. This year it feels as though Catenda has become more than just a software company. We have created something larger. Although it sounds like a bold statement, I believe it is true. We actually have moved a part of the construction industry into a more data driven reality with our Bimsync software.

As CEO of Catenda, I am immensely proud of what our team and partners have accomplished in 2018. Growing as fast as we do, still keeping our culture of a quality minded open identity, is a testament to the people working here. A new new company look, a new logo, and moving into new offices, further emphasise our giant leap this year.

Growth all around
Our development team, the people behind the construction of the Bimsync collaboration platform, has grown with 150% this past year. This new, strengthened team will provide Catenda with even more power to help an entire industry towards achieving breakthrough performance and sustainability. The whole organisation has doubled, and will continue to grow in the time ahead. Our staff and partners has successfully exposed our Bimsync platform to ever more projects across the globe.

This exposure has given us an amazing opportunity to move the industry towards a more data driven process. And we did. Our platform allows the industry to break free of the document centric tradition and move towards a data centric process. This is a giant leap into an era where construction information, real data, is much more useful and accessible than ever before.

Exciting times in Spain and France
Take the case of FC Barcelona and their Espai Barca project; they are not only documenting work done on the construction site with images, they are connecting the images to their respective virtual objects. Connecting data to the digital twin in the cloud. Allowing easy access to these photos throughout the whole lifecycle of the building. In this case, the building is Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe. FC Barcelona is redoing their whole campus, without delaying any games. It is an amazing project, and very inspiring for all of us. If they can do that, we at Catenda can certainly build awesome software for them and the industry at large, in order to do our part towards a sustainable industry.

One of the largest railway projects in Europe at the moment is in France, and they, as well as the new Metro line 16 in Paris, both use Bimsync. It is impressive to see how the French market has embraced the open standards approach to data sharing, and we are humbled by all the projects using our platform there.

Bright future
Most importantly, we have been very fortunate with our many Bimsync users all across the globe. You share willingly your ideas and improvement suggestions, and you all help move the construction industry into a data driven era. Thank you for your contributions! We look forward to many more in the coming year.

Making the construction industry data driven through our Bimsync platform is incredible motivating. That is why Bimsync is more than just software.

Håvard Brekke Bell, CEO

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