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Lars, our CPO is moving on to new challenges.

Lars Bjørkhaug, co-founder and CPO, is moving on to LAB, to fulfill his vision of bringing BIM on-site as a useful tool for every skilled worker.

The founding Catenda team: Ole Jørgen, Jan Erik, Håvard, Dag and Lars
The founding Catenda team: Ole Jørgen, Jan Erik, Håvard, Dag and Lars

When I first met Lars, in 2004, it clicked right away. He had an extremely deep knowledge of the industry, not only because he worked as a carpenter and a civil engineer, and from his 10 years as a researcher at SINTEF Byggforsk, but also because of his ability to go extremely far down into details of how a process should work, in particular how information should flow.

When, together with Ole Jørgen, Dag, and Jan Erik, we decided to found Catenda in 2009, it was very comfortable to know that Lars was there, to make sure we knew enough to build something of relevance and value. Without Lars, that would have been much more difficult. Every potential client we talked with during the forming years, they had questions and ideas that we had been talking extensively about because Lars brought them out. It was like Lars knew exactly what every single customer was thinking about. His ability to understand the needs of the industry is extremely strong.

Obviously that kind of insight has had a profound impact on how Catenda has built Bimsync. Lars’ vision of where the product should go has been instrumental in making our product easy to use, and spot-on for the needs of the industry. Nobody else, but Lars, could have done this.

Catenda has shifted from a young start-up, where product development got all the attention, to a scale-up that has equal weight on product development and the commercial aspect of the business. We have also grown from a stable 8 man team to a larger and more complex organization. Bimsync is now used in thousands of projects all over the globe and has seen revenue doubling every year. This requires different roles and drivers than what was previously important. And this will happen again, as we grow even further.

Lars wants to spend more time on-site in projects, working from the other perspective in the industry. Not just in a collaborative way that we can do from inside Catenda, but in the typical deep immersive way that Lars excels at. Lars has had a long term vision of bringing BIM onsite, as a means to improve and streamline the work of each worker and to reduce errors, improve quality and sustainability. In his new job at LAB, he will have a unique opportunity to bring his visions at Bergen's largest and better general contractors.

So, even though Lars is leaving Catenda, he is not leaving the product he has been instrumental in shaping. In his new job at LAB, he will be using Bimsync Arena in several projects. We are grateful for the chance to continue to work with Lars and his deep understanding of all the processes involved in the life cycle of a built asset. We wish him luck and are looking forward to future collaboration. Now as a user of our products.

Håvard Bell – CEO of Catenda

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