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Imerso and Catenda signs collaboration: The model will mirror real life

Norwegian software companies Imerso and Catenda sign a long-term integration collaboration with the goal to make the building information model (BIM) the centerpiece of the life cycle of a building.

- Catenda wants to work with the best technology companies out there to make the construction industry more efficient and more sustainable. Our collaboration platform Bimsync is the easiest way to find and use data and communicate about the building throughout the life cycle. Imerso is the best solution to capture errors and document the building as it is being constructed. The combination of the two ensures a powerful solution for many parts of the industry, says Einar Gudmundsson, COO of Catenda.

- This collaboration is cementing the vision that has been promised in the industry for many years, that the BIM model is the cornerstone of the whole building life cycle. Imerso focuses on data that mirrors reality, and that the onsite work follows the building plans. We are impressed by the platform and the position Bimsync has achieved, and we look forward to working together to create value for existing and new customers, says Frederico Valente, CEO of Imerso.

The collaboration agreement that is signed, is a long-term integration deal. The results from the initial cooperation will be presented at BIM World in Paris in the spring of 2020. The solutions will be based on Bimsync’s open API.

The integration ensures that discrepancies, collisions and errors are identified, communicated and solved in real time with the progress of the construction activities, while an accurate as-built model can remain as the centerpiece of managing the building well past the Handover phase.

Imerso uses high-precision 3D scanning to automatically detect whether construction projects are following the building plans. Any deviations between the on-site status and the BIM models are flagged, categorized and sent to the relevant teams for them to take action. Imerso is a fast growing, Norwegian software company with 15 employees at their Oslo office.

Bimsync by Catenda
saves time, money and the environment. It is the next generation cloud based collaboration platform where construction information comes alive. Bimsync is based on open standards and enables data driven collaboration between all parties in the life cycle of a building. Catenda is a fast growing Norwegian software company with 33 employees working from the head quarters in Oslo as well as distributed in Bergen, Poland, Germany and France.

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