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HENT and Catenda: making a new integration for project management

HENT and Catenda have signed a deal for developing and implementing Bimsync into the HENT Core project management system through well defined and thoroughly documented APIs. This functionality is planned to be available for HENT´s projects within 2020.

“The collaboration between Catenda and HENT allows for many new possibilities for improving efficiency and good visualisation through Bimsync API, directly integrated in our application,” says Tomas Jonsson, Director of technology and sustainability in HENT.

“It is very inspiring that one of Norway's biggest and most ambitious actors in the construction sector want to make Bimsync a key integral part of their project management system. HENT has applied a holistic digitisation thinking for years, and have invested time and resources into the development of Hent Core. That they now expand their platform thinking and strengthen their impact by integrating Bimsync, shows the power of the open platform that Bimsync is”, says Einar Gudmundsson, COO of Catenda.

This integration will ensure all visualisation of IFC models and communication inside the models. This encompasses handling of actions, deliveries, errors, deviances and meeting issues for status on design, orders, delivery and assembly.

“In HENT we have for the past seven years worked to develop most parts of our project management system with an internal development team. We chose to develop ourselves in order to make software that fit our processes, and not having to adapt our processes to off-the-shelf solutions,” says Tomas Jonsson.


HENT is a Nordic contractor that develops and implements all types of construction projects. HENT has their headquarters in Trondheim, with offices in Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, Bodø, Hønefoss and Horten. In addition, HENT Sweden AB and HENT Danmark AS are established and have started designing and erecting several large construction projects. They have delivered a number of large construction projects to public and private developers across the country. HENT has carried out many large-scale collaboration projects and has developed a processual model for this called “HENT Total Value”. Through active participation and integrated project development, HENT has for years created value for their customers. A complete participation from idea to delivery is one of the trademarks of HENT.


Catenda is a fast growing Norwegian software company established in 2009 as a spin-off from SINTEF. After launching Bimsync, a cloud based collaboration platform for construction and infrastructure in 2013, the company has seen great growth. Bimsync is based on open international standards, and enables data driven collaboration between all parties throughout the life cycle of any construction project. Catenda´s staff members are centrally placed in the international standards development for IFC, BCF and bSDD through buildingSMART International. Bimsync has a strong national and international market position. The company today has 32 dedicated employees, and work distributed with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. In addition, staff members are also located in Bergen, Poland, Portugal, Spain and France.

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