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Customer co-development at the heart of the new Bimsync App

The new Bimsync App is now available in AppStore and Google Play, and can be accessed by all Bimsync Arena users. Developed in close collaboration with the Norsk Kylling process factory Prosjekt Føniks currently under construction in Orkdal, Norway, the app is free for all Bimsync users to install and use.

“We are using the Bimsync App every day. The basic facts that the whole project works in one system, and that data flows as we go from design and pre-construction onto the construction site are of huge value for us,” says Frode Breimo, Project Manager for Factory Control.

The Bimsync App is designed for any project collaborating in Bimsync Arena, and is synchronised in real-time. Using the App you can extend the workflows you know and love from your desktop version, accessing models, issues and documents from all your Bimsync projects on your mobile device. This streamlined version of Bimsync lends itself to workflows involving all the trades across the supply chain.

“It is important that the 3D visualisation route continues from design to pre-construction and onto the construction site. You involve the end-users directly, and everybody becomes engaged in a completely different way when the subject is visually accessible. A tool like Bimsync works just as well when used to build a single compressor room or an entire factory,” Breimo says.

Active customers drive solutions for all

Project Føniks has been using Bimsync for design management for two years. When the project needed the model information to flow into the next phase, they decided to co-develop the Bimsync App with Catenda.
Bimsync App is built on open international standards; BCF for communication, and IFC for geometry. All the information connected to the Bimsync models can be exported at any time during the construction project. Bimsync Arena can be accessed on any device with a browser, responsively adapting to tablets and smartphones as well as PC/Mac. The Bimsync app presents the same data in a form factor tailored for mobile, ideal for taking Bimsync to the field in your pocket.

“The App was developed during a hectic time on the project. Expectations were high and deadlines were tight. Catenda really showed that they are capable of effective development and responding to their customers needs. We’re using the Bimsync App all the time now on the construction site. For Project Føniks co-developing has definitely been worth it.” says Frode Breimo.

Issue management goes mobile on site

In order to maximise effect, issue management was implemented across all systems and team members. Everybody uses Bimsync to communicate, assign tasks, connect images and documents to the 3D model.

“Communication using Bimsync is greatly improved. The cause of a problem is quickly apparent, and you have a full overview of your own tasks at all times”, says Breimo.

As a result of issue management connected to the model, the project has stopped using minutes of meetings altogether, replacing them with tasks and tickets assigned to project members directly in Bimsync.

Frode Breimo sees radical changes to his own workflow as well. “I have been on this project for four years now. Previously I structured my day using task lists in several different Excel sheets. Now I see all my tasks in one place, they are collated to a single list that I can access from any device. Bimsync has made my workday significantly more efficient!”

Bringing the construction and process industry together

Project Føniks displays a unique combination of traditional construction models and process industry machinery. The decision to use 3D models for coordination in pre-construction was made early. From the start, all design disciplines and equipment suppliers were required to deliver IFC models for all permanent equipment in the plant. For machine suppliers, this requirement stretches beyond normal contracts where they often deliver 2D drawings with a minimum of coordination during design. Once accustomed to the BIM workflow, delivering 3D models of machines and handling coordination issues in Bimsync, they stuck to it. Now they simply do not work on issues that are not pushed through Bimsync.

“The value of receiving the process machines in IFC format directly into Bimsync is immediate on a project management level, as well as for the technical interface. It’s been very important for us to demonstrate that by using open standards and cross-discipline thinking, we can bring the construction industry and the process industry together in the same model. It is great to be part of something that is pushing the construction industry forward,” Frode Breimo states.

Co-development is key to a life cycle approach

Bimsync was selected by Norsk Kylling after assessing available software at the start of the pre-construction phase, aiming to find the best collaboration software for the factory’s life cycle. Bimsync came up on top on the grounds that it would give the project the best value over time, especially when it came to documentation, 3D modeling, and issue management.

Project Føniks is now investigating how they can push the same cross-discipline approach from the construction site into facility management. This will ensure that the maintenance and monitoring systems, supervisory and acquisition control of the data are delivered and captured in Bimsync. The aim is to deliver a precise as-built model in Bimsync to the operations phase, to ensure delivery on the main overarching element in project Føniks; the life cycle perspective.

“My advice to others is: Don't even think about it, just take the leap and acquire an openBIM based collaboration platform, it gives the project a whole new and valuable perspective. We hardly have any paper flying around anymore. The workflows are digital, and it just feels much more effective throughout,” says Frode Breimo.

We are using the Bimsync App every day. The basic facts that the whole project works in one system, and that data flows as we go from design and pre-construction onto the construction site are of huge value for us

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