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Catenda in the news

Recently, the Norwegian paper Finansavisen met with Catenda CEO Håvard Bell to talk about the state of affairs and Catenda´s business ambitions.

"In five years, our goal is that every developer in the world will consider our software when planning their next construction project" Håvard Bell says.

In the article, Bimsync´s position in France is highlighted, first and foremost through the big contract with Bougyues Immobilier and the positive effects this has had on theFrench market.

The article values Catenda at 91 million NOK, underlining the fact that it is mainly owned by its employees. In January OBOS and Veidekke invested in a minority post, making 2018 a very exciting time for Catenda.

Håvard Bell ends with stating that "there are a lot of possibilities. (...) We hope this can be one of the exports Norway can live off of after the oil age. We want to take Norwegian technology out into the world, create jobs and become a significant export company for Norway."

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