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Catenda acquires VTREEM

Catenda announces the acquisition of VTREEM, a French software startup specialized in BIM. VTREEM technology will be integrated in future Bimsync products, and the VTREEM co-founders Sylvain Marie and Alexandre Lemire will join the team as part of the new subsidiary ‘Catenda France’.

VTREEM was founded in 2014 by Sylvain Marie and Alexandre Lemire to provide the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry with online software to strengthen their processes with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Sylvain Marie joins Catenda as “Platform Director” to drive the Bimsync API ecosystem and enable customers to integrate their applications and workflows with Bimsync.

Alexandre Lemire joins Catenda as “Senior Software Engineer” to work on forthcoming software products and manage strategic customers.

Håvard Bell, CEO of Catenda states: “We have been working closely with VTREEM for a long time and we saw a lot of common interests. We are thrilled to welcome Sylvain and Alexandre and merge our efforts to provide our clients with the best collaborative tools using open standards. We are also growing our presence in France, this is an exciting time.

Sylvain Marie declares: “We share a lot of values with Catenda. Joining our efforts felt like a natural step to further push our technology to validate BIM projects into the market. The Bimsync ecosystem is very promising, we are confident Catenda is on the right track to enable a truly open collaboration workflow for all AEC/O industry stakeholders. We can’t wait to show you how our BIM validation technology can help Bimsync users.”

VTREEM was established in France in 2014. The company develops BIMValue, an online platform to manage, enhance and validate BIM Projects. It is co-founded by Alexandre Lemire and Sylvain Marie. Mr Lemire has been designing and developing online 3D applications for 13 years and worked with BIM for 8 years. Mr Marie has been involved with BIM for 9 years and with buildingSMART international for 6 years.

Catenda was established in Norway in 2009 and makes Bimsync, a cloud based collaboration platform to manage construction (AEC/O) projects. The company holds a strong national and international market position, and has a central position in the developing bodies for both the IFC, BCF and bSDD standards under buildingSMART. Catenda is a member of buildingSMART Norway.

Oslo, 21st June 2019

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