Bimsync Lookup Library

Lookup Library allows you to perform a lookup for IFC element in Bimsync and search it in an external website at the same time.

Clicking inside a Model (IFC file) will display detailed information in the Inspect Panel. But what if I want to display additional information related to the selection in an external website? Here’s where the lookup library feature is handy.

Basic Usage

  • Create new Lookup type library
  • Setup the library (setting page detailed below)
  • Go back to the library view
  • Open Model and click on an element in it:
    1. The selection should trigger search in the external website
    2. The results will be shown by default in an iframe
  • Enable the Open in a new tab (disabled by default)
    1. The searched web page will open in new tab
    2. The tab will be refreshed automatically as long as the Autolookup is enabled

Settings page

This is the place to set up the lookup path and the look up URL (more below).

Lookup URL

The URL that is used for search in the external website. The URL must contain a {bs-lookup-value} token to be replaced by the lookup term.

will be:
The token must not be at the end of the URL. Example:{bs-lookup-value}&item=123
will be:

Lookup Path
The lookup path is a “.” separated path to identify the value. The first part of the path is one of these four values:

Identification (Example: “”)
Possible values:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Type
  • Entity
  • Guid
  • Type-guid
  • Ifc-entity
  • Ifc-enum

Relation (Example “relation.layer”)
Possible values:

  • layer
  • containment
  • system

Properties (Example: “properties.OverallWidth”, “properties.Pset_WindowCommon.IsExternal”, “properties.BaseQuantities.Volume”)
Can be either a property or a quantity. If the property is found in a propertySet, the name of propertySet must be included in the path

  • “properties.{propertyName}”
  • “properties.{propertySetName}.{propertyName}”

Materials (Example: “materials.Background Fill”
If the material is found in a materialSet, the name of materialSet must be included in the path

  • “materials.{materialName}”
  • “materials.{materialSetName}.{materialName}”

Note: In order to find the correct name of the property, quantity or material, select an object you are interested in and view “inspect”. All the examples above are based on this Bimsync screenshot:

Take a look at a creative use of the new Bimsync Lookup Library from Skanska BoKlok with IKEA. They are using it to order directly from the model.

Let us know how you use the Bimsync Lookup Library.

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