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Made for sharing - Bimsync in Paris

“Made for sharing” is the slogan for the Paris 2024 Olympic games. It has been controversial since the official version is formulated in English. The French version of the slogan is “Venez partager” (come share).

The English slogan is very fitting for the Bimsync team’s trip to Paris this Easter. Bimsync is a platform made for sharing digital building models, documents, tasks etc. in the construction industry. We want to provide a platform where all participants quickly and easily can get access to and update information, independent of what device they are using.

buildingSMART International Summit

We made three visits that were very important. The first was to the buildingSMART International summit arranged in Paris. Catenda, the makers of Bimsync, has been and is a very active participant in buildingSMART. One of the parts we have worked most actively on is the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD). This has been a very long process, but this meeting confirmed that bSDD has gotten traction and that the adaptation is increasing.

bSDD is a system for semantic terms, and makes it significantly easier to make computer systems talk together without hardcoding exchange specific protocols. The technical infrastructure that bSDD runs on was created by Catenda, but is owned and controlled by buildingSMART International.

New reseller in France

The second visit was to BTP Consultants. BTP, together with their subsidiary MBA City is our new reseller for Bimsync in France. We think along very similar lines when it comes to the possibilities for collaboration and efficient processes based on open BIM. During our visit, we met with the very nice and capable people from BTP, and also met with several large companies that were interested in information about how Bimsync could improve their workflows. Catenda looks forward to working together with the BTP team.

BIM World

The final visit was to BIM world. The event was even larger than the one last year, and filled with a great number of companies and interested visitors. This year we were invited to be present during the whole two day event at Bouygues Immobilier´s stand. Bouygues is one of the largest construction or property groups in the world, and they have chosen to use Bimsync for their projects. On their stand they had two large information panels about Bimsync, and the single interactive display at their stand was used to demonstrate Bimsync continually. It is a privilege to have ambassadors such as Bouygues Immobilier.

‍We were also present at the stand of our French reseller BTP. There was a lot of interest in Bimsync on this stand, and it was very encouraging to see that the BTP staff really understood how Bimsync can be used by French companies in the construction and property industries. Their stand got a lot of visitors, and one of their attractions was an interactive BIM wall with shared reality. 10 people can be in front of the same screen and get a stereoscopic view using glasses with electronic shutters. The glasses feel more like ordinary sunglasses than massive VR-helmes, and since they are not blocking your view, you can talk normally with the other people looking at the same wall sized screen.

To top off these brilliant visits, we also got to experience Paris in spring. Most of the time we were inside, but in the morning and evening we got to see what is perhaps the most beautiful city in the world. Made for sharing.


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