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Archiving and deleting issues

After using Bimsync for a while you might end up with a whole range of issue boards in your project. You might have imported multiple BCF files to various issue-boards and these are no longer relevant as active issues for the project or you might have closed all issues on a few boards and just want to keep the board list short and tidy. This is why we have implemented the possibility to archive issues in addition to the delete issue function. Archiving is available for issue-boards and not for individual issues.

Archived issues are different from normal issues as they:

  • will not show up on auto suggest when you reference issues in comments
  • will not be counted under milestones or graphs
  • are marked (archived) in the list of related issues and are shown with a grey background
  • will be marked archived when opened and cannot be edited or commented on

You will find archived issue boards are available under the heading “archived boards” on the issue board overview page.

To archive an issue click on the board settings icon and then on the “Archive” button on the bottom of the page. Only Administrators and Owners can archive boards. Archived boards can be restored by admins and owners at any time.

You can also delete individual issues if you are the creator of the issue or administrator of the project. Please note that deleted issues will disappear completely. The only remaining information will be the issue number ( eg #43 ) in comments where the deleted issue was referenced. Even the name is gone. So use the delete function with caution.

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