An inspiring Swiss visit

A class of advanced students from the Institute of Virtual Design and Construction at the Northwestern Swiss University College payed Catenda a visit last week. The students represented an interdisciplinary group along the value chain, and demonstrated a very hands-on approach when discussing applications and possibilities for bimsync and open BIM as such.

Catenda CEO Håvard Bell spent some active morning hours with the group. The topics at hand were an introduction to bimsync, working with linked data by using buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD), as well as focusing heavily on data workflow and data usage throughout the value chain.

Qualified and interesting discussions arose. Only one person of the group regularly used bimsync in his everyday work, but the group as such agreed that the collaboration platform has a huge application relevance in Switzerland. They were especially impressed with the closeness to the buildingSMART standards and the possibility to add elements and export it to IFC, as something they describe as a unique characteristic to bimsync.

In addition to their visit Catenda, the group also stopped by CoBuilder to discuss European standardization work for product data, the Oslo Metropolitan University and got to visit the building site of the new Munch Museum in Bjørvika, Oslo.


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