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A visit from the Minister of Digitalisation

Nikolai Astrup, the Norwegian Minister of Digitalisation, visited Catenda´s offices in Oslo today as part of a tour to meet with small and medium-size tech companies.

On the agenda was learning about and trying out our Bimsync collaboration platform, as well as a discussion on how the AECO industry can become more data driven using open international standards.

The Norwegian national strategy for digitising the public sector was recently launched by Minister Astrup, and the ambitions for implementation and the consequences and potential for the AECO industry was touched upon in the meeting.

Digitalisation makes it achievable to build better, easier, faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and circular, when utilizing and implementing digital twin technology across all parties and phases of a construction project. The discussion touched upon several concrete aspects of today´s practices and the potential of tomorrow´s workflows.

“It was a pleasure to discuss how the AECO industry could become more data driven using open standards with the Minister of Digitalisation in Norway. He was obviously interested and engaged in the conversation. There is a great potential yet unrealised, and we look forward to continue the discussion in the time ahead,” says Håvard Brekke Bell, CEO of Catenda.

Minister Astrup also showed great interest in wanting to learn how tech companies in the scale-up phase such as Catenda are doing. The conversation covered what challenges we see and what possibilities lie ahead as the digitisation of the construction industry and society as a whole takes hold.

“We are very honoured to meet and get to discuss opportunities and challenges for tech-startups that are scaling with our Minister of Digitalisation. The conversation was genuinely engaging and fun, and the possibilities for Norway to step ahead internationally through technology such as ours is significant,” says Håvard Brekke Bell.

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