Time To Go In-Depth

Bimcast by Catenda is a podcast series on open BIM and the possibilities of digitizing the construction industry. We will invite knowledgeable and inspiring guests to talk about topics related to open BIM, digitization and open international standards in the world of construction and infrastructure. This series is part of our ongoing efforts to make the construction industry worldwide ready for the work processes and digital flow of the future.

Ep3 - FC Barcelona and Bimsync

FC Barcelona is doing a total rehabilitation of Europe´s largest sports stadium while making sure no football matches are delayed or postponed. They are facing a massiv logistical challenge, and are solving it through digital collaboration. Guest in this episode is BIM Information Manager of FC Barcelona, Ramon Jesus Gonzalez-Marques. He talks about how they transform such a massive area as the same time as they keep the stadium campus open and accessible to the public.

Suggested Reading

Are you looking to understand more about FC Barcelona and Bimsync? Here is a collection of resources that make for a good starting point.

Ramon´s top tips for massive site transformations

  • Use open formats to think long term: open BIM and IFC standards.
  • Be creative when integrating modern technology into existing facilities.
  • The owner must have a BIM strategy.
  • Balance the expectations with the existing national marked maturity.
  • Ask the market for help to find a common technological ground.
  • Make a project that is open to the world in all respects to share the knowledge.

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