Time To Go In-Depth

Bimcast by Catenda is a podcast series on open BIM and the possibilities of digitizing the construction industry. We will invite knowledgeable and inspiring guests to talk about topics related to open BIM, digitization and open international standards in the world of construction and infrastructure. This series is part of our ongoing efforts to make the construction industry worldwide ready for the work processes and digital flow of the future.

Ep2 - France vs Norway on the construction site

Is a construction site the same thing in Norway and France when it comes to digital tools and BIM? How does the approach to digital processes in the construction phase in these two countries differ from one another? What can we learn from each other in terms of best practice? Are there fundamental differences that exist because of law, regulations and culture? How do France and Norway fit into the global picture? We have invited two people with deep construction experience, Julien Benoit from French Legendre and Rupert Hanna from Norwegian Byggtjeneste (earlier at SKANSKA) to share their thoughts and compare experiences.

Suggested Reading

Are you looking to understand more about France vs Norway on the construction site? Here is a collection of resources that make for a good starting point.

BIM construction site tips

  • Get involved. This is part of a learning process. Start using the available tools. Start demanding models on projects.
  • Companies and people who are not active part of the digitisation will be out of the game. Stay in, stay active.
  • Think models. Stop thinking drawings. Start making models of your trade, whatever you do.
  • Share information. Collaboration is key in digitization. Don’t take no for an answer, get that model.

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