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Bimcast by Catenda is a podcast series on open BIM and the possibilities of digitizing the construction industry. We will invite knowledgeable and inspiring guests to talk about topics related to open BIM, digitization and open international standards in the world of construction and infrastructure. This series is part of our ongoing efforts to make the construction industry worldwide ready for the work processes and digital flow of the future.

Ep1 - BIM in Local Government

(This episode is in Norwegian) Gjest i denne episoden er Jürgen Spindler. Han er forvaltningsleder og seniorrådgiver for BIM-forvaltning, drift, vedlikehold og utvikling i Ullensaker kommune. Jürgen er en ildsjel som får til mye av lite, han er nettverksorientert og løfter alltid fram andre underveis. Dette har gjort ham til en av de aller fremste innenfor digitaliseringsprosesser i kommune-Norge. I podcasten snakker han om sin digitaliseringsreise så langt, og deler også sine beste tips og gir konkrete innspill til hvordan andre digitaliseringsentusiaster der ute kan komme i gang.

Suggested Reading

Are you looking to understand more about BIM in local government? Here is a collection of resources that make for a good starting point.

Jürgen Spindlers´s tips for enthusiasts in local government

  • Make sure you have good helpers, and that you have competent people around you.
  • Keep it simple. A complex language and many acronyms prevents understanding and communication.
  • Plan with all parties involved: politicians, direct users, bureaucrats and inhabitants.
  • Visualise the possibilities, think lifecycle span when planning. Construction costs are only 10%.
  • Learn from others, ask around. Standardise the demands for digital requirements to all suppliers.

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