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Time To Go In-Depth

Bimcast by Catenda is a podcast series on open BIM and the possibilities of digitizing the construction industry. We will invite knowledgeable and inspiring guests to talk about topics related to open BIM, digitization and open international standards in the world of construction and infrastructure. This series is part of our ongoing efforts to make the construction industry worldwide ready for the work processes and digital flow of the future. Available on all major podcast players.

Ep7 - What is buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)?

What could become the central common component for an entire construction industry, the buildingSMART Data Dictionary, is still a relatively unknown entity. In order to ensure the neutrality of the bSDD and make sure this powerful tool makes waves across the industry, we should all be joining forces. In short: What is bSDD? How is it useful for the average construction project? And how can people start using it so that it will play the role it should in the time ahead? The guest in Håvard Bell´s studio is Øyvind Skarholt, chairman of the board of buildingSMART Norway.

Suggested Reading

Are you curious about bSDD? Here is a collection of resources that will get you started.

Top tips to get to know bSDD

  • Contact buildingSMART to start using bSDD. Although bSDD is today a powerful tool, buildingSMART International needs your help to build this into a professional service. You give to get.
  • Start to identify your products and properties, use bSDD as a fundament to organise the digital information.
  • Product manufacturers need to start working on your Product Information Management Systems (PIMS), in order to organise the product information in an effective and good way to be seen in the market.
  • Standardised data will make it possible to distribute your products performance data, and will make products searchable. Start keeping order in your own house on your product data, use bSDD to classify it. This will become a game changer.
  • Make yourself a good foundation, your own solid product data base, allowing you to push data where it is needed.

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